Young people not in education, employment or training

Our goal
The percentage of young people aged 16-17 who are not in education employment or training (NEET) in each month of the year. Young people are considered NEET if they are not in full-time education in a school, a Further Education Institution or a Higher Education Institution. Young people are also considered NEET if they are not employed or in work-based learning (including apprenticeships, Entry to Employment (E2E) and NVQ learning). Young people who are currently residing in a custodial institution or have a deferred place in HE and currently taking a gap year are also considered NEET. Data is collected monthly. However, this indicator and NEET targets are used on an annual result which is based on three one month snapshots at the end of December, November and January each year. Data relates to young people who were in Yr12-Yr13 (16-17) on the day of the count.
Smaller values are best