Ealing Council's Performance Dashboard

Welcome to Ealing Council's Performance Dashboard, which demonstrates progress against the goals we have set in our Council Plan 2018-22.

The council's administration has three key priorities for Ealing:

  • Good, genuinely affordable homes;
  • Opportunities and living incomes; and
  • A healthy, great place.

Those priorities are supported by nine aims which have been agreed with local partners in health, education, policing, employment, housing, local business and the voluntary and community sector. This programme, called Future Ealing, focuses on nine ways we want to make the borough better:

  • A growing economy creates jobs and opportunities for Ealing residents to reduce poverty and increase incomes
  • Children and young people fulfil their potential
  • Children and young people grow up safe from harm
  • Residents are physically and mentally healthy, active and independent
  • Ealing has an increasing supply of quality and affordable housing
  • Crime is down and Ealing residents feel safe
  • The borough has the smallest environmental footprint possible
  • Ealing is a clean borough and a high quality place where people want to live
  • Ealing is a strong community that promotes diversity with inequality and discrimination reduced

For any help or queries with this dashboard please email research@ealing.gov.uk

Growing economy

We will help to make Ealing the best place in London to do business and to work, working with partners to make sure those benefits are shared by everyone, providing good, well-paid secure jobs. In particular we will help those furthest from the labour market by ensuring they are equipped with the right skills, qualifications and work opportunities such as apprenticeships.

Young people fulfil potential

We want to focus on helping our residents at those points in their lives where our help can make the greatest difference: in their early years and childhood; through school and in their transition to adulthood and employment. We will aim to ensure that 100% of our schools are rated good or outstanding and that three quarters of children achieve the expected standard at each key stage of educational attainment.

We will do all we can to reduce the attainment gap for disadvantaged groups, in particular children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities.

Keeping young people safe

Protecting the most vulnerable in our society is our shared responsibility, and while we will always intervene when this is needed, we will find new ways to support people to keep themselves and each other safe. We work with partners through the Ealing Safeguarding Children Board to tackle complex issues such as child sexual exploitation, serious youth violence and work intensively with families to avoid the need for children and young people to be looked after.

Healthy, active and independent

We will create a borough that supports people to enjoy a good quality of life for as long as possible. We will develop services that focus on people's skills and not just the barriers they face, so they can live full, active lives in their communities.

At the same time, we will support those with the most complex needs, in particular vulnerable adults and older people, protecting residents from harm, and supporting them to live as independently as possible, continuing to reduce delayed transfers of care, waiting times for assessments and inappropriate admissions of older adults.

We will tackle conditions related to obesity by making it easier for residents to make healthy choices. This includes helping people to be physically active through promoting walking, improving cycling infrastructure and discouraging car use for short journeys, which will also improve air quality. We will also continue to support those with drug and alcohol addiction.

Affordable housing

We will make sure that more than 2,500 genuinely affordable homes are built. We want to prevent homelessness wherever possible, enable individuals and families at risk to secure their own housing solutions, reducing our placements into temporary accommodation, invest more into our existing housing, as well as improved standards for private tenants.

Reducing crime and helping residents feel safe

We want people who live, work or visit Ealing to feel safe. We will do everything we can to reduce crime and keep our citizens safe, focusing on anti-social behaviour and crimes that cause the most harm, such as domestic violence and violent crimes with injury.

An environmentally friendly borough

We want to ensure that the borough is healthy and sustainable for future generations. We will continue work to tackle poor air quality and to protect the environment for example by encouraging people to switch to walking or cycling for shorter journeys which can also have health benefits. We will explore ways to make the borough cleaner and more energy efficient through promoting technology such as solar energy and lower emission vehicles.

Clean and great place

Together, we will ensure that the way we shape and manage the borough makes Ealing a place that is cleaner, healthier, and happier. By working with residents and businesses we will make sure our streets are places people are proud to live and work in. We will make sure that we improve the environment by working differently and more effectively with the community. We want our parks and open spaces to be places that are welcoming and connect people so they can take part in the amazing diversity of cultural activities across the borough and take advantage of our investment in leisure, cultural and community facilities.

Strong, diverse and fair community

Communities are the driving force of our borough. We have hundreds of residents who already give up their time to help others; including those who help friends and neighbours on an informal basis by cooking meals for lonely people or checking on the elderly, as well as people who formally volunteer in the community to run services.

We will continue to build a borough where different communities live happily alongside each other and have opportunities to come together. We will enable them to develop the connections and support networks that will enable them to achieve their full potential. We will also do all we can to tackle the inequalities that persist across our borough, in particular reducing the gap between disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged children at all stages of people's school education and tackling health inequalities.

A modern council

Alongside the nine Future Ealing outcomes, we also seek to become a more modern council, through more effective use of technology, adopting a more commercial approach, and building a more collaborative, accountable, innovative and trustworthy workforce that delivers results for residents.